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About me

Ken Kuroki (黒木 健) is a graduate student of bioinformatics at the University of Tokyo (東京大学大学院理学系研究科). His research interests include large-scale biological data analysis to gain ecological and evolutionary insights, as well as high-throughput phenotyping using image analysis and machine learning.


  • Bachelor of Arts, International Christian University (Apr 2012 to Mar 2016)
    Division of Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts (Major: Biology, Minor: Mathematics)
    Advisor: Prof. Tsuyoshi Mizoguchi

  • Master of Science, The University of Tokyo (Apr 2016 to Mar 2018)
    Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science
    Advisor: Prof. Wataru Iwasaki

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Science, The University of Tokyo (Apr 2018 to present)
    Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science

Positions (Academic)

  • Research Assistant, The University of Tokyo (2018 to 2020)
    Graduate School of Science

  • Project Academic Support Staff , The University of Tokyo (Jul 2020 to Mar 2021)
    Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences

  • Assistant Research Staff, Kyoto University (Apr to Aug, 2021)
    Graduate School of Agriculture

  • Project Academic Support Staff , The University of Tokyo (Sep 2021 to present)
    Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Positions (Industry)

  • Intern, Preferred Networks, Inc. (Aug to Sep, 2019)
    Research intern in bio-healthcare

  • Chief Scientist, Quantomics Co., Ltd. (Jul 2020 to present)
    An agri-tech startup "Navigator for Future Agriculture"

Publications (peer-reviewed)

  • David, E., Serouart, M., Smith, D., Madec, S., Velumani, K., Liu, S., Wang, X., Pinto, F., Shafiee, S., Tahir, I.S., Tsujimoto, H., Nasuda, S., Zheng, B., Kirchgessner, N., Aasen, H., Hund, A., Sadhegi-Tehran, P., Nagasawa, K., Ishikawa, G., Dandrifosse, S., Carlier, A., Dumont, B., Mercatoris, B., Evers, B., Kuroki, K., Wang, H., Ishii, M., Badhon, M.A., Pozniak, C.J., LeBauer, D.S., Lillemo, M., Poland, J.A., Chapman, S.C., de Solan, B., Baret, F., Stavness, I., & Guo, W. (2021). Global Wheat Head Detection 2021: An Improved Dataset for Benchmarking Wheat Head Detection Methods. Plant Phenomics, 2021.DOI:10.34133/2021/9846158

  • (TBA)


  • International Intern, Student Conservation Association (Jul to Aug, 2014)
    Served for Alaska Bureau of Land Management – Central Yukon & Eastern Interior Field Offices, stationed in Eagle and Coldfoot, Alaska, USA

  • Organizing Staff Member, Bioinfowakate (2017-2021)
    Organized annual workshops for young researchers in bioinformatics and related fields

  • Completed, UTokyo Future Faculty Program (Jul 2018)

  • Member, Yurufuwa Biology (2020-)
    Part of a biology-focused YouTube channel "Yurufuwa Biology" (25k+ subscribers)

  • Staff Member, MLCAS2021 Workshop
    Third International Workshop on Machine Learning for Cyber-Agricultural Systems



  • TOEIC Test Score 990 (Jan 2016)

  • TOEFL iBT Test Score 108 (Mar 2016)

  • GRE Verbal Score 158 (Feb 2017)


Email: (replace ABCDEF before the atmark with “kuroki”)